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The ASCE Grand Challenge is a chance to explore big, bold ideas that will lead to new project approaches and business models. To get there, we’re asking everyone to think about what steps they would take to reduce life cycle costs for America’s infrastructure by 50%.

It’s no small task, and the items will help you start integrating the ASCE Grand Challenge into your everyday work and share it with others:

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Still have questions about how to get involved or get started? Email ascegrandchallenge@asce.org.

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What’s next?

  • Spread the word and get your peers, colleagues, and supervisors involved.
  • The ASCE Grand Challenge Outreach Toolkit provides the resources you need to spread the word about why this matters, and how others can become involved.
  • Get Inspired – Check out the Grand Challenge Focus Areas. Learn how your peers are pushing boundaries, making changes and testing ideas to find creative solutions for our industry’s future.


Step 3

You are committed to supporting the ASCE Grand Challenge and the goal to reduce life cycle cost of infrastructure 50% by 2025. Now it’s time to share your story and projects that utilize Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Resilience, Performance Based Standards, and Innovation as pillars for success.

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If you’re not ready to share a specific project, post to social media to let your network know you have made this commitment.

Thank you for your commitment to improving America’s infrastructure with the ASCE Grand Challenge!